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Did you know Penn Vieau and Karen Endres are co-producers of the “Rural Realities” podcast, an audio series about the challenges facing today’s farmers and ways they can better manage stress?

For many years, farmers have faced a growing number of challenges that translate to high-stress levels.

Check out the “Use a Positive Mindset & Gratitude to Handle Daily Farm Stress” episode of the Rural Realities Podcast from the Wisconsin Farm Center.

Details >>> You face many stressors owning and operating a farm business, and for many of you, a multigenerational farm business. Penn Vieau, Professional Speaker, Leadership Expert and Life-Changing Coach partnering with Karen Endres from the Wisconsin Farm Center share how adopting a positive mindset with a focus on gratitude can help you better handle these stressors. In this podcast, they explore how the mind works and lead you through examples so you can make immediate changes in your work and personal life to achieve your goals while effectively managing daily stress.

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