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David Sepulveda: A Leader with Layers of Wisdom and Transparency

There are many things that can be said about David Sepulveda, a proud father of four, a published author of “Behind Mommy, in Front of Daddy”, and a seasoned manager with over 20 years of experience in the financial industry. David possesses layers of wisdom and perspectives that constantly surprise those around him. 

David's leadership style stands out due to his ability to adapt gracefully when things don't go as planned. He inspires others by example, particularly in his transparency and openness when it comes to making mistakes. This quality fosters an environment where team members feel comfortable learning from their missteps and growing professionally. Under David's guidance, teams flourish, with individual relationships built on trust and a shared commitment to personal and professional development. 

David is a catalyst for positive change. Colleagues have witnessed his remarkable skill in bringing people together, transforming individuals within the team, and fostering an inclusive work environment. David's people-centric approach and focus on developing his team yields outstanding results, as evidenced by the remarkable turnaround of struggling branches under his leadership.  He genuinely cares about others and invests time and effort in understanding their goals and providing opportunities for growth.  Opportunities that mutually aid the teammate and organization in reaching their goals. By prioritizing people over performance, David creates an environment where everyone feels valued and engaged. His leadership skills extend beyond professional development, as he also encourages individuals to have fun, come up for air, and nurture their personal lives.

David Sepulveda's impact goes far beyond his role as a manager. He is recognized as a mentor, a role model, and an extraordinary leader. His emotional intelligence, ability to build relationships and passion for empowering others have made a lasting impression on those he has worked with.


David Sepulveda

VP of Operations


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