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Penn Vieau, owner of VIEAU Excellence is a professional speaker and coach who brings over 25 years of experience in the world of leadership and talent development. 

With direct leadership experience and proven results in both the for-profit and non-for-profit environment, Penn brings a unique set of skills to business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and top performers. 

Penn also has the ability to create captivating and dynamic learning environments, where engaged audience members learn practical approaches to taking their own performance to the next level. His approach takes research-based methods and brings them to individuals in a practical way that speaks directly to them so they can make immediate changes in their work and personal lives to achieve higher goals. 

Penn's specialties include the power of a positive mindset, leadership development, navigating change for success, leading change with success, and conflict resolution - moving towards mutual understanding. His personal passion for leading a purposeful life propels organizations and individuals into making impactful changes in their life that lead to greater success and higher results.

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