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Memorial Day and Mindfulness

(Published May 25, 2018) As we approach Memorial Day, it is always important to remind ourselves of the purpose of this holiday. Memorial Day is time to recognize those who have given their lives in exchange for our freedom in this country, their strength and personal courage.

"Land of the free and home of the brave." As Americans, these are simple words with powerful meaning that have been engraved into our minds. All soldiers work as a part of the team to accomplish all assigned tasks. They must be willing to assume leadership responsibilities when called upon to do so. I have dedicated my career to being positive as well as coaching others – only on a different platform. Yet, when you train your brain to work towards success, goals and/or a better quality of life – we all might be able to relate to those that have enlisted. Men and women who serve are an elite, agile and a flexible force known for their rigorous training. It takes a special mindset, yet also one that exudes positive thinking.

As we all are mindful of Memorial Day, I ask you to honor those who have passed and take a step

Memorial Day and every day, we owe it to the veterans to live our lives the best we can.

A huge thank you those who courageously gave their lives and to those who bravely fight today!!! A special thank you to my Grandfather, Father and God Son whom all have served.

If you would like some assistance setting goals and training your brain for success – let’s connect.

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