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The Windmill

(Published 05-04-18) Most of us have lived through some sort of change. Change in its daily variety or change in its life-shaking form is as certain a part of our experience as is sunshine and darkness, heat and cold. In fact, we honor the inevitability of change by associating it with the wind. The winds of change blow continuously through our lives. When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, others build windmills. The choice is really up to each one of us.

See yourself as a windmill with the wind blowing around you. The wind blows sometimes warm and gentle, sometimes cold and stormy – and as it hits us, we convert its energy into power. If our windmill is in poor condition or is completely out of operation, it will be unable to make something useful from the forceful blast. Change can cause people to become frightened. The storms of change may even alter us. Life teaches us that the only constant changes. We make changes all the time, some big and some small. But if our windmill is in full operation, its rotors and internal machinery will meet the wind head-on, regardless of force, and convert the gusts into useful power.

Can you visualize yourself as a windmill now? Think of the wind as pure energy and the power that is generated. When change is upon you in your daily life remember the windmill and how it works. The essence of the wind is now a source of energy for growth, emotional well-being, and nurturance. We can also store some of that energy for the future.

Want to learn more about change management? I have the ability to help. Contact me and let’s get started!

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