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The Choice is YOURS

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

(Published 4-13-18) Choosing the intention to be positive is the beginning of an awesome adventure. But, the intention is an attitude, not a behavior, making it sometimes difficult to master. Our world can seduce us into the negativity that’s all around us – the constant demands we face, the troublesome people in our lives, even the fragility of our uncertain world.

We have stories we tell ourselves about every part of our lives. Whether they’re about the people we know, the problems we face, or how we feel about ourselves, these stories are uniquely ours. And it is through them that we create our own realities. Sometimes, however, we are unaware that it is these stories, not actual events, that drive our feeling and actions. This is why it is so important that we activate conscious intentions to monitor and modify the positive mindset we use along our life journey. This gets us what we want and allows us to be who we want to be.

Setting intentions is so powerful and dynamic because it can be used not only for simple issues but for approaching the monumental, life-altering problems you’ll walk through every day. At the heart is the realization that even under dire circumstances, we always have choices. Choose to be positive. By making that choice, it will change your life.

Being a leadership expert, life-changing coach, and speaker provides me with a platform to help others change, showing individuals how to put their positive intentions to work. My personal passion for leading a purposeful life propels individuals into making impactful modifications in their life that can lead to greater success and higher results.

Today’s the day – let’s get started together.

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