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With the right thinking – your options are endless

(Published 04-27-18) Many of us feel we don’t’ have a lot of options. Our responsibilities confine us. Our jobs trap us. We think we’re too poor or too tired to create life changes. This can create a belief that you have limited time and resources. Yet, with the right thinking – your options are endless.

To those that think positively, limitations are challenges. And how do they rise to the challenges? With the right mindset and coaching. Positive thinkers are much like sculptors who envision beautiful shapes and forms inside rough blocks of clay. Give them what appears to be nothing, and they revel in the search to make it something. Each day presents the potential for relationships, education, personal growth, professional development and just plain fun. However, it requires the right point of view. If it were easy, anyone could do it.

Do you feel that you have limitations? It depends on your perspective. The best way to look at your life is to realize each of us have a multitude of options. Consider the many heroes that have stood the test of time. Many of them have been triumphant over limitations. Again, because of the ability to push and see the positive outcome before them. We all have a hero inside of us, but it may take some reminding to have it resurface. If we look back over our lives at our most thrilling accomplishments, they were likely things we never dreamed were realistic or measurable. But, we gave them a shot anyway. If we only do things we already know to be achievable, we will rob ourselves of some of our greatest moments.

Are you looking for some guidance on how to channel your inner hero? I offer personal coaching and have a well-developed sense of the challenges you're facing, which allows me to design training for you to achieve your goals in real and practical ways.

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